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*Meetingdetails.prg #INCLUDE WCONNECT.H ************************************************************* DEFINE CLASS MeetingDetails AS rbPage ************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************ ** MeetingDetail.Page ** Just Merge in the Meeting Details into our standard template ** ** MeetingDetails.htm is a static page ** Why are we merging a static page? ** 1 - So we use TemplatePage.htm as our "container" page (menu and top logo) ** 2 - The "container" page forces a consistent look and feel. ** 3 - This.Merge() sets the cookie we are using for keeping Session Variables on the server ************************************************************************************************ FUNCTION Page() This.Content = This.MergeToString("MeetingDetails.htm") This.PageTitle = "Meeting Details" This.Merge("TemplatePage.htm") EndFunc ENDDEFINE
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