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July 2000
The LA Fox Developer is the monthly newsletter of the LA Fox Developers Group. The purpose is information sharing among application developers and users working with FoxPro.

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Out and About (Con? from Page 1)

The Conceptual Design Methodology presented can create a conceptual model from an existing data model and produce a web application to manipulate that data model. Then the conceptual model can be modified and a new data model, object model and web application created from the new coneptual model. The principle goal of the methodology is to be able to revise the conceptual model as needed and then quickly produce a working application to support the new model.
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LA Fox is the oldest FoxPro developer's group in Southern California. The newsletter contains regular columns as well as articles from other user groups.

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September 24-28, 2000, Advisor Visual FoxPro DevCon,
Fountainebleau Resort Hotel and Towers, Miami, FL. Speakers have finally been announced. For more info, visit the website at http:// wvwi.advisor.com/cmf0009p.nsf. (See article, page 9.)

November 5-8, 2000, Great Lakes Great Database Workshop 2000, Hyatt Regency, Milwaukee, WI. More affectionately known as “Whil Fest”. The fourth semi-annual (bi-annual?) Great Lakes Great Database Workshop features 20 internationally recognized Visual FoxPro and software development experts presenting over 45 different sessions on Visual FoxPro 7.0 and related areas. For more info, visit the website at http://vwwv.hentzenwerke.com/con ference/grea~!akes_2OOO.htm.
Since We Last Met
LA Fox will be hosting an all-day VFP training session for “working developers" on Sept. 9, 2000. Mark day on your calendar, folks Her&sa brief description:

This all day session is a “show me the code”, “how to” session that will show how to rapidly build windows applications using Visual FoxPro. The session is geared towards working programmers. Programmers with an understanding of FoxPro 2.6 will get an eye opening look at the features new to Visual FoxPro. Programmers already working with Visual FoxPro will gain an enhanced understanding of how to simplify development using VFPs object orientation and how to harness the awesome power of VFP’s database features. Programmers coming from another language will understand what Visual FoxPro is and how to use it for rapid database development.
We will start with Visual FoxPro’s database features and use Rules, Triggers, and Stored Procedures to build some smarts into our database. We will then build a smart form that knows how to save, cancel, delete etc.
We will then re-use our smart form as a re-usable base class, along with a full discussion of both the joys and pitfalls of object oriented development.
We will then look at Visual FoxPro Views and how to use them for easy parent-child database development.
If time permits, we will then wrap up with how to build a complete Visual FoxPro application.

There will be full speaker notes and several very useful VFP base classes will be distributed to all participants.